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waddup guys
excited for next week? ima post it on em’ youtube channel, nd ill tell ya i posted it. tell ya bro’s, whoever more the better. more raps. more fame? lmao.

Anyways alotta shyt goin on bout ‘rappers wanna b black’ i get they wanna fit in ”i dont wake up every morning and look in the mirror sayin’ oh im white –eminem” love wat you are and there should be ONE race not two.

ima ina rush tdays guys. we talk later. have your say? say it. tell everyone


waddup b

i found a beat thats the goodies
the bad is friday i saw raccoons n screamed like a gurliegurl n now i cant rap WITH the beat. so basiclly, the raps delayed :[ sorry guys

Waddupp guys. so i sprained my wrist. yesterday [friday night] doing the freeze, didnt feel balanced collapsed on my right hand. i thought today itd be better, tried a few freezes, kinda fell, and pain again. not seerious, just pain, so i gotta lay off fo a bit man.

spittin flows: got one hoodie in saying spittin flows at back. damn right dope! gimme bout a week n one rhyme is complete:

[[ςριττιη fΙσως]]

waddup guys im back,
i cant write everyday often ’cause 1] summerschool extra credit n 2] busy vandalising walls with spraycans. i should show u some. 3] im back to b-boying or b-girling naww bboy sounds better.

Anyways, RECOVERY CAME OUTTT GET IT why? cause its EMIN3M b, hes beyond dope. well i got it so u should. other rappers? manafest, drake, XZIBIT, 2pac, man it goes on

Anything else?

[spittin’ flows]

praise. yesterday i was busy. but anyways. it was tupacs birthday yesterday. long let him be remember

r.i.p man, r-i-p

waddup guys, the usual fo’ me. ‘memba how i said to show u the lyrics? well, heres a few:

look wat ya made me do/ i aint blamin’ ya/ im blamin’ the ones who made you into the wrong you/ i aint no debater/ i wanna be a saviour..

anything added? lemme no. n please no copyright, alright? alright, peace

[spittin’ flows]


sure its been awhile. less than a month tho. well last time was in Ottawa..lolll

anyways,  so i handed in one of my raps to my friend to give to his friends who can make beats without me rhyming it; which is good. so i got it back yesterday ay 12pm. saying ‘he doesnt like it. its not good, its too plain’. sure i worked like every single ugly day, even at school. and he says no.  i do blame him. i’ll try this weekened to put the lyrics up and you tell me. if you guys like it, ill rap it. i could a another bpm person to do it fo me. but id thoght id share.  so im not the brightest person today, and the sky isnt either. i guess we’er bothing having bad days.

                                                                              -[Spittin’ Flows]


so its my turn. im Azra. no, not azz-ra. Uh-zra. well, thats the way everyone says.. but hey watever way you want eh? anyways. im european. Bosnian to be exactt. (: good place good place.  ive always loved taking movies and pictures, so descions made up for being a director. But in life, you get caught. Like, running up and down a hotel at like 11 clock at night and the teachers like right there. O: i know. so i wanna become a rapper. breakdancing ive accomplsihed, and i have 300 things to do this summer so far i have like 298 left (:. im not that typical not a poser, thats coming out of me, not those lil losers. see thats alright. on the spot. (: i like, streetbiking, snowboarding, hiphop culture, goes on. well im a probably stop here. so go ahead and spread the word. if i wanna live to a rapper. i could make a movie about hiphop. see, people call me retarted, and stupid and look 8).  SPREAD THE WORD AND MAYBE ILL SPREAD HONEY ON MY TOAST. leesh.